The Trust employs secondary trained specialist PE teachers who coordinate all aspects of sport across the Trust. This ensures high quality PE lessons, a range of extra curricular clubs, access to competition and opportunities to watch elite sport. 


Children develop their skills across a range of individual and team sports during their PE lessons.

All pupils in the Trust learn to swim a minimum of 25 metres by the end of Key Stage 2.

Extra-curricular clubs

Each Trust school runs after school sports clubs.

Competition & tournaments

All pupils are encouraged to take part in sporting competition. Each half term the Trust runs a sporting tournament for teams of KS1 & KS2 pupils from each of our schools. Children also take part in cross country races in the Autumn and Spring Term and a Grass Track Cycling Series in the summer. 

Elite sport

Each term pupils have the opportunity to watch professional elite sport including; football, rugby, basketball, horse racing, and cricket. This affords them the opportunity to talk to and work with professional athletes. 

Intent Statement:

At St Barnabas Trust, our vision is to encourage children to engage in a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of physical activity. Through Physical Education, the children are given many opportunities to practice and display some of our key Christian values of courage, adventure and togetherness. Our staff and children are enthusiastic about PE and this is shown through high quality teaching and learning. We pride ourselves in helping our children identify and grow their talents, whilst developing into confident and competent learners across a broad range of physical activities. This is achieved by providing our children with a broad, exciting and inclusive curriculum that inspires them to succeed and thrive in competitive sports and other physically-demanding outdoor activities. Our children are exposed to many sporting opportunities, including regular tournaments at both inter and intra school competitions and sporting festivals which support them in demonstrating sportsmanship and leadership values. In addition, our staff offer lunchtime and after-school clubs which contribute to the extensive range of physical activities on offer and further supports the children to flourish and thrive in a safe and happy environment. We firmly believe that PE is at the heart of a child’s health and well-being and continually work towards ensuring that health education is an integral part of the teaching of PE within our school.


To successfully embed our Physical Education values at schools within St Barnabas Trust, the staff and children are involved with the following:


Our Physical Education curriculum is high quality and extensively planned to demonstrate progression throughout the years. We understand the wider importance of PE and our planning captures and supports the physical milestones of a child's motor and cognitive development. We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods: