Being a Church School

Collective Worship

At St Petroc’s worship is central to the life of the school and is the main platform for exploring the school’s Mission Statement of caring, sharing and growing together

At St Petroc’s collective worship aims to be inspirational, invitational and inclusive. We promote our Anglican traditions of worship.

Through collective worship pupils are offered a space and a place for the telling of the Christian story. They are offered an understanding of worship through being invited to participate in or observe prayer, readings and reflection on the Bible, liturgy, sacrament, and experience of the musical and other imaginative riches of Christianity.

Opportunities to reflect on the beauty, joy and pain of the world are given.

Children are given time to consider their responsibilities to others and to grow in love and service.

Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to St Petroc's School.

Teddy Veans made for our community 

Diocese Collective Worship 

Cutting down the Christmas tree

Collection for local community Food Bank  

Our tree decorated in Church

Assembly in church  

Archbishop of Canterbury at St Petroc's