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Years 1 & 2

In Key Stage 1 we are passionate about providing children with opportunities that promote curiousity, grow  compassion and develop critical thinking skills. We are developing a REAL curriculum, which stands for Real Authentic Engaging Learning. Each topic begins with a “Launch” to hook the children in to the exciting learning which will be taking place that half term.



Meet the Team

Miss Michell- Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Leather- Year 1 Teacher
Miss Nicol- Year 1 Teacher
Miss Hurst- Year 2 Teacher
Miss Enever- Year 2 Teacher
Mr Cascarina- Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Welch- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tully- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smith- Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Coulon- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jewell- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ellis- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Southcott- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Russon- Teaching Assistant
Miss MacQuarrie- Assistant Head
The Celtic Cross