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Y5 (2021 - 2022)

Year 5

Hello everyone and welcome to our Year 5 page. For information about our topics this year, please see the links below. 

Meet the Year 5 Team

Miss Urry - Teacher


My favourite book is called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling. I grew up as these books were released and just remember being so enthralled following Harry's journey in the tournament and all of the twists and turns it brought. The book follows from when Harry is chosen as a fourth participant of the inter-school Triwizard Tournament and how he is unwittingly pulled into a dark conspiracy that endangers his life.




Miss Turner - Teacher


Hi.  I am Miss Turner and I teach in 4T.  When I was younger, I came across the book of 'HodgeHeg' by Dick King Smith.  I immediately fell in love with the main character, who has to overcome many challenges in order to keep his family safe.  Hedgehogs are also one of my absolute favourite animals!   



Mrs Jones - Teacher 

I absolutely love reading and my favourite books were written all about a young wizard.  Can you guess who I am talking about?  That’s right it is Harry Potter.  When the books were first published they were usually released in June which is when I was busy writing reports for my class.  It then became my own personal treat to read when I had finally finished writing the last report.  Waiting was hard but it made me work hard to get the reports completed and what a reward awaited me.  I have read the books with numerous classes since then and always enjoy them as much as I did on the first read.  I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy Harry Potter as much as I have.





Support Staff

Mrs Smith - 5U Support Staff       

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