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Year 3

Hello everyone and welcome to our Year 3 page. For information about our topics this year, please see the links below. 

Meet The Year 3 Team

Miss Auld - Teacher


As a child my favourite book was ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl. I read it several times and had the story on cassette tape and would listen to it over and over again. I loved the idea of the father and son living in a cosy caravan.  It is a thrilling read and has a brilliant ending with the triumph of the father and son.


Mrs Lentern - Teacher


I love to read, as it provides an opportunity to escape reality! My favourite books are normally fictional detective style books as I like to read the clues and try to solve the crimes.


However, with my daughter we have recently enjoyed reading 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl and 'Evie and the animals' by Matt Haig, probably because they involve strong female characters who are brave, courageous and resilient.  

Miss Williams – Teacher


I have always loved reading, even as a child, and particularly enjoy fictional stories that are written with a verbose language and a lot of humour.  My daughter and I are huge fans of Andy Stanton, who has written the series of Mr. Gum books.  Our absolute favourite is Mr.Gum And The Biscuit Billionaire, where Mr. Gum seeks the aid of his equal odious pal, Billy William ((a local butcher), to create drama and mischief for the locals of Lamonic Bibber. A wonderful read and means of escapism from all things serious!

Mrs Caddy - 3A Support Staff        Miss Merrifield - 3KR Support Staff                    Mrs Weaving - 3LW Support Staff 


Mrs Hall - Support Staff            Mrs Coulon - Support Staff




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