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Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team
Mr S Perfect

Head of School

Ms K Oggier

Operations Manager

Miss M Waters

Assistant Head in EYFS

Mrs C Cleaves

Assistant Head in Y2/KS2

Miss C Chapman


Mr A Grose

Senior Leader

Mr K Edney

Senior Leader

Teaching Staff
Miss Steele

Nursery/FS1 Teacher

Mrs Leather

FS2/Y1 Moorland Teacher

Miss Michell

FS2/Y1 Coastal Teacher

Miss Waters

FS2/Y1 Jungle Teacher

Miss Ferguson

FS2/Y1 - Safari Teacher

Miss Hurst

2H Teacher

Mr Cascarina

2C Teacher

Miss Enever

2E Teacher

Mrs Kent

3KC Teacher

Miss Cotgreave

3KC Teacher

Miss Auld

3A Teacher

Mrs Lentern

3LW Teacher

Miss Williams

3LW Teacher

Mr Edney

4E Teacher

Mr Banks

4B Teacher

Mr Scott

4S Teacher

Mrs Jones

5J Teacher

Miss Urry

5U Teacher

Miss Turner

5T Teacher

Mr Grose

6G Teacher

Mr Wendon

6W Teacher

Ms Meade

6M Teacher

Mrs Z Winchester

School Secretary & Attendance Officer

Mrs M Eyre

Admin Assistant

Mrs K Matthews

Admin Assistant