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Maths Useful Information and Websites

Key vocabulary and meanings

Times Table Booklets
Print out these booklets and practice your tables.

Parent Guides
Here are our Parent Guides covering addition and subtraction and multiplication and division methods across the school.

More to follow soon.

Useful Websites
Nrich Mathematics - A website full of 'Rich' mathematical challenges.
BBC Skillswise- Practical Maths for Adults - Practical, common-sense maths for adults.
Timez Attack - This is a fantastic times table game. You can download the basic 3d walkthrough game for free and it will be hard to stop playing! Can you defeat the ogre and move to the next level by knowing your times tables? (It is quite slow to download but worth the wait.
ICT Games for Year 1 and 2 - Fun games aimed at children in Years One and Two
IXL Maths - This website is excellent as children can practise skills required in each year group. Children can have a free five minutes practise every day on a laptop/computer- if you want more you need to subscribe or swap laptop!- but a little and often is good.