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I am a mathematician. I explore and play with numbers, shapes and different units of measure. I am curious to find solutions, to solve problems and to think critically. I approach difficult concepts logically and prove my ideas creatively, using words, pictures and jottings. I am fluent in the language of number and use this fluency to help me solve mysteries. I understand the power and beauty of mathematics and use concrete resources, pictures and equations to make links across the curriculum to help me understand our world

Our Maths Champions are Miss Turner, Mr Edney, Miss Michell and Miss Ferguson.
Miss Turner

Maths Champion (UKS2)

I’ve loved maths since I was very young - numbers are my favourite part. Throughout school, I enjoyed finding patterns in numbers and seeing how many of these can be found in nature too! As a teacher, I strive to convey this passion for maths with all the children I teach, so they too can gain a love of numbers as well as other areas of the subject. All too often we hear 'I don't like maths', or 'I'm rubbish at maths'. It's these words that push me to continue to teach children that maths is fun and we can all achieve!

Mr Edney

Maths Champion (LKS2)

Maths is such a diverse and amazing subject! From learning your times tables, to exploring the properties of shape and introducing fractions, it truly is a subject that has something for everyone to excel at. My principal goal in LKS2 is for all children to leave Year 4 being able to recall any times table question in under six seconds. To achieve this, we use a variety of different activities which aim to promote a love of learning for the subject area. Once children have achieved this goal, they often find that parts of the subject that were once closed off to them, become accessible and easier to explore.

Miss Michell

Maths Champion (KS1)

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Maths. Once you have a secure understanding of the patterns and relationships of number, it is one of the most rewarding subjects. I want to enable as many children as possible to discover the joy of Maths so that they continue to be lifelong learners, using their skills in all aspects of daily life. My aim is for all children to leave Key Stage 1 with the skills to rapidly recall number facts and have a strong foundation which enables them to reason and problem solve confidently.

Miss Ferguson

Maths Champion (EYFS)

Mathematics is such a magical subject, as it can be found all around us. It is a vital part of learning with the Early Years Foundation Stage as number and numerical patterns can be part of children’s everyday life. I hope to instil an enjoyment of maths to all the children I teach, giving them a confident start in their mathematical learning journey.


At St Petroc’s, our aim is for every child to develop a deep understanding of Maths, equipping them with the skills of calculation, reasoning and problem solving, that they need in their life beyond school. Following a mastery approach linked to the delivery of Power Maths, we strive to spark curiosity and excitement in the subject and a desire to constantly improve in the skills we learn along the way.  Fostering a Growth Mindset, we encourage children to reflect on their own learning throughout lessons and realise the importance in making mistakes. We use the Concrete, Pictoral, Abstract approach to support understanding for all learners and ensure progress throughout lessons and across year groups.  


All classes have the opportunity to use the Power Maths delivery (a small-step mastery approach), which gives children the opportunity to apply skills to both reasoning and problem solving activities. Wherever possible, we provide practical activities that enable the children to practice these skills. In addition, we aim to make learning meaningful and fun by linking these maths skills to other areas of the curriculum and to real-life situations

99 Club Challenge!

Across the school we use an initiative called the 99 Club, which helps our children with their mathematical fluency. 99 Club has been developed to help raise standards by encouraging pupils to improve their fluency in number. This will therefore increase the speed and confidence in which they tackle similar problems in Maths sessions, across the curriculum and in day-to-day life.
At St Petroc's, we use 99 Club to continually develop the children's arithmetic and fluency skills. Each week the children are given a set time to complete the questions and when they pass each club, they receive a certificate of recognition. 

Once children have obtained access into the 99 club, they are challenged further with more questions, in less time through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Clubs!

11club to 99 club – (10 minutes)
Bronze – up to 12 x and ÷ (6 minutes)
Silver - up to 12 x and ÷ (5 minutes)
Gold - up to 12 x, ÷ , √ (4 minutes)
Platinum – all 4 operations (3 minutes)
121 - all operations inc. BIDMAS (5 minutes)
144 - all operations inc. BIDMAS (5 ½minutes)
Click on the links below for all of the practice sheets for the different clubs.

At the heart of Power Maths is the belief that all children can achieve.

It’s built on an exciting growth mindset and

problem-solving approach!

Times Table Knowledge
From Year 1 up to Year 6, we encourage the development of rapid recalling of the times tables. The school uses a fantastic website to help children develop those skills. They can create their own avatar and purchase outfits and accessories for it, using online coins they earn from playing in the gigs and tournaments. Click on the image below 'to be taken to the website 'Times Table Rock Stars'.

Our Maths Policies

We use the Power Maths Calculation policies across the whole school. If you click on the phase you are interested in you will find examples of how each of the operations are taught in the different year groups.

St Petrocs Maths Yearly overview