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Spring Term - Space

Space - Will we ever explore it all?


With an ever-growing population on planet Earth, the opportunity for space exploration and possibly even the colonisation of other planets may become a reality as we look towards the future.  Therefore, a fundamental understanding of our solar system and all its components is pivotal for our future generations.  This unit looks to provide a scientific overview of space for the children, before looking at elements such as computer coding, the production of 'Space Food' and the history of the Mayan civilisation and their fascination with the stars.  


Questions we will look to answer in this unit include:


1) What is gravity and how does it affect us?

2) How does friction and air resistance affect the design of rockets and parachutes?

3) How does the position of the Sun, Earth and other planets vary through their orbits?

4) How do we store, transfer and eat food when in space? 

Collaborative Space Art

Parachute Investigations

Pointillism Space Art

The Celtic Cross