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F2S Sports Day is at 9.30 am on Tuesday 28th June . The children will show off a variety  of basic skills in the first session .Next they will do a sprint race running down the track.They will then have a fruit and drink break  .Afterwards they will do a carousel of class activities such as parachute team building , javalin  throwing ,catching and throwing a ball, bats and ball,skipping,balancing skills using stilts and hoppers.We will end the morning with Wake Up Shake Up and give out  certificate for the children. We look forward to seeing you all . 
More infomation to follow on KS1 Sports Day .


KS1 Sports Day is Wednesday 22nd June.The children will have a fun morning showing off their multi-skills in their house teams .They will try and work hard for  points for their team .In the afternoon the parents and carers are welcome to come and watch the athletics .They will start with sprint racing down the track in heats and then the finals at the end .The winners will be awarded a medal .They will then go on and run a long distance race around the field .Medals will also be awarded for the winners of these races.We will finish off with Wake Up Shake Up and wait for  the results of the athletics.The team captains will then know if their team has worked hard to win.Good luck to all the athletes .


Year 3 & 4 Sports Day Monday 20th June .In the morning the children will be in mixed year groups and play 4 different sports rounders ,football,hockey and netball.The results will be given out and the team captains will be hoping their team has won a trophy.In the afternoon the parents and carers are welcome to come and watch the athletics .They will race in heats and have a final .Next some children will take part in the relay .We will all then watch them do their best at a long distance race .Medals will be given to the winners .If time permits we will go into Wake Up Shake Up and wait for the results of the athletics .Good luck to all the children and lets hope we have some dry weather.

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