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Delaware Day 2 & 3

Here are some comments from the children about the time the have spent here.
"The food is great " Sonny 
" I enjoyed the wall climbing today " Gage 
I had a great time on the Moor today "Hayden
"I am having a wonderful time here" Ben 
"The bike riding was so much fun when we went over the ramps"Joshua E
"I have really enjoyed my time here so far I would love to come back again "Marlie

Day 3 comments.
"I love Delaware Camp!" Hannah 
"I loved the rock climbing .I did something I didn,t think I could do "Alisha H
"I didn't know I had so much independence in me "Faith
"The canoeing was so much fun we got to jump off the rocks into the cold water"Joshua E
"I did a hand stand on the rocks "Rhys 
"The rock climbing was difficult but was a fun challenge "Noah 
"We made a fire and roasted marshmallows which was yummy"Joshua D   

Day 4& 5 
"It has been an amazing week " Jessica
"There has been no activity I didn't do"Georgia
"It's very good and we learn a lot about new things" Amelia 
"I enjoyed popping the balloons in archery" Alisha H 
"I love being with my friends"Phoebe

The Celtic Cross