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Healthy Schools

Why be a healthy school?


Being a Healthy School can contribute to improvements in wellbeing for the whole school community, and make a contribution to overall school improvement and raise attainment, achievement and aspirations.


At St. Petroc's we are currently working towards achieving the 'Healthy Schools Award'. This award looks at all aspects that contribute to being healthy, with healthy eating being part of this.


What are we doing?


At St.Petrocs we are working towards our Healthy Schools Award. To begin our journey we are working on achieving the SugarSmart Certificate and The Daily Mile Award.


What is SugarSmart?

This is a nationwide campaign which looks to optimise health by promoting healthy diet and reducing sugar. In order to do this we have to promote healthy lunches and snacks, encourage water consumption and to adopt a whole school approach to tackling excess sugar. 


  • As a nation our consumption is excessive and this has been associated with poor physical, mental, and dental health including an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, inflammation, depression, and anxiety.
  • Today’s children are the first generation in history predicted to live shorter lives than their parents and this is due to unhealthy lifestyles
  • 1 in 4 children enter primary school overweight or obese
  • 1 in 3 children enter secondary school overweight or obese
  • Healthier children are happier and both of these are associated with better learning and educational attainment.


At St.Petroc's we provide healthy lunches. Our school meals provided by the onsite kitchen follow SugarSmart rules, using less sugar in their recipes to make the meals healthier. We have provided guidance for parents to refer to when providing packed lunches for their children to support a balanced diet. 


Please find attached a 'lunchbox builder' leaflet that can support with creating a balanced meal in a lunchbox.


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