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FS2/Year 1 (2021- 2022)



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Mrs Leather           Miss Waters             Mrs Blows 

Moorland Class         Jungle Class             Ocean Class



                                   Miss Michell                Miss Ferguson

                               Coastal Class                Safari Class




Support Practitioners


            Mrs Smith           Miss Carey               Mrs Tucker          Mrs Woodhead 

       Higher Level                    

    Teaching Assistant



            Mrs Welch              Miss Ellis            Mrs Cavalera            Miss Coulon

                                                     1:1 Practitioner        1:1 Practitioner 



      Miss Comer

    1:1 Practitioner

Autumn Term 1 - Marvellous Me

During our topic we will explore our similarities and difference, highlighting that this is what makes us unique. We will focus on feelings, what they are called and how they make our bodies feel. The children will find out about how we grow and what we need to help us to grow. We will explore how our bodies work and what our body parts are called. The children will look at different types of families and recognise that all families are different which adds to our uniqueness and why we are special. We will focus on the five senses, thinking about how they help us to explore our surroundings and which body parts we use for each of them. 



This half term our Author Focus is: Michael Rosen






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