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FS2 (updated Sep 2020)


Foundation Stage Two


Meet the FS2 Family...




                         Miss Waters             Mrs Blows            Miss Ferguson

                     Jungle Class             Ocean Class          Woodland Class

            Assistant Head - EYFS Lead


EYFS Practitioners


            Mrs Smith           Miss Carey               Mrs Tucker          Mrs Woodhead 

       Higher Level        EYFS Practitioner      EYFS Practitioner     EYFS Practitioner

    Teaching Assistant



                  Mrs Cavalera             Miss Coulon            Miss Amy

                 1:1 Practitioner         1:1 Practitioner      1:1 Practitioner

Autumn Term 1 - 'My World and Me'

During our first term in school we will be exploring all about ourselves. The children will share information about themselves ad compare with the other children in their class, thinking about similarities and differences. We will focus on feelings, allowing children to be able to recognise and name their feelings. Children will find out about our senses and how they help us to make sense of the world around us. 

This half term our Author Focus is: Janet and Allan Ahlberg.




St Petroc's EYFS Policy

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