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FS1 - Nursery (2020 - 2021)

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Miss Steele - Nursery Teacher 



Mrs Thompson - Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Mrs Wherry - EYFS Practitioner



Miss Enever - EYFS Practitioner



Mrs Amy - EYFS Practitioner

St Petroc's Nursery is a fun, safe, creative and nurturing environment where children are valued and stimulated through a high quality learning environment, reflecting and extending their current, individual interests. 

We celebrate the process of learning, making connections, imagining and problem solving, recognising everyone as a unique thinker and artist. We take the lead from individual fascinations and allow the children to inspire us and lead their learning throughout child-initiated playful learning sessions. We balance child-initiated play with short daily adult-led sessions, focusing on storytelling, phonics and number games.


We follow the Early Years Curriculum, providing opportunities in a variety of ways to learn skills in all of the seven areas of learning.


Prime Areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making Relationships, Self-confidence and Self-awareness, Managing Feelings and Behaviour.

Communication and Language: Listening and attention, Understanding, Speaking.

Physical development: Moving and Handling, Health and Self-care.


Specific Areas:


Literacy: Reading, Writing.

Mathematics: Numbers, Shape Space and Measures.

Understanding the World: People and Communities, The World, Technology.

Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and Using Media and Materials, Being Imaginative.

Tapestry Online Journal


In Nursery we use Tapestry to track children's learning. This is an online journal that allows you to access their learning story from home with your own log in and share your own experiences too. We also use Tapestry as part of our 'focus child' system. We value our parents' knowledge and understanding of their own children, therefore, we love to involve our parents in sharing their child's current interests and any special occasions they may have currently going on at home. Staff will extend these interests within our class provision and spend quality time with them, meeting their next steps, 'in the moment'. Children's brains are most active and open to learning when following their own interests. We love watching where it takes us! 

How often can my child attend?


We offer 30 hours funding if you are eligible through whole day sessions.


Sessions begin at 8.45am each day.


Morning sessions finish at 11.45am (unless your child is staying all day).


Morning sessions can be extended by booking the lunchtime session which finishes at 12.15pm.


Afternoon sessions start at 12.15pm and finish at 3.15pm.


What does our day look like?


8.45 am - 9.00 am - Dough disco

9.00 am - 9.10 am - Register / day of the week / weather

9.10 am - 9. 25 am - Phonics 

9.25 am - 9.35 am - Free-choice snack 

9.35 am - 11.00 am - Choosing time

11.00 am - 11.10 am - Tidy up time 

11.10 am - 11.30 am - Singing / Story / Number games 

11.30 am - 11.45 am - Home time


11.45 am - 12.15 pm - lunch time


12.15 pm - 12.30 pm - Dough disco

12.30 pm - 12.40 pm - Register / day of the week / weather

12.40 pm - 12.55 pm - Phonics

12.55 - 1.05 pm - Free-choice snack

1.05pm - 2.30 pm - Choosing time

2.30 pm - 2.40 pm - Tidy up time

2.40 pm - 3.00 pm - Singing / Story / Number games

3.00 pm - 3.15 pm - Home time 


We have daily snack cafe sessions that develop independent skills allowing children to select their snack and pour their own drink. 


Each week the children experience a PE session in the school hall allowing them to develop their gross motor skills.


Every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon the children enjoy outdoor learning sessions, exploring the natural environment in our varied school grounds, led by Miss Steele who is Wild Tribe trained.

Spring 2 & Summer 1 - Growing

During this term, the children will explore different aspects of ‘growing’, from life cycles of frogs and butterflies, to our bodies, and plants. They will observe and look after real life tadpoles and share pictures of themselves and their families at different ages. They will plant seeds and be responsible for their growth. 



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