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Great site with free phonics games during the isolation period.

All resources on this website are free during the isolation period.

Free access for resources for a month as part of the isolation.

Free resources during isolation period.

Many games often recognised by children from their favourite programmes.

Links to particular cbeebies games from areas of learning. cbeebies stories and rhymes.

Free interactive books and reading activities to share with your child at home during the isolation period.

 Some excellent numeracy and literacy resources

Lots of maths and literacy games Many games and songs including those relating to festivals.

Games of varying quality to support different areas of learning.

Variety of games for different areas of learning.

Phonics games to practise skills.

Phonics games to practise skills.

Maths games involving various skills.

Science experiments for the enquiring mind.

Science investigations to explore and observe.

The Celtic Cross