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Relevant, Engaging, Authentic, Learning

Our Curriculum

At St Petroc’s, learning is underpinned by a joy-filled and aspirational curriculum enabling us to care, share and grow together. All members of our school seek to grow compassion for ourselves and others, develop our critical thinking skills and foster a joy and love for learning. We immerse ourselves in REAL (Relevant, Engaging, Authentic Learning) projects where we become explorers, authors, Scientists, time travellers and artists.

We get excited, we wonder, we challenge, we ask questions, and our questions can take our learning in many exciting directions! We take our learning outside and into our community, visiting locations around Cornwall and inviting people in to visit us so that we can find out more and gain a deeper understanding of our current project.

Together we are building a relevant curriculum which celebrates and helps us understand the ever changing world that we live in.

At the start of a project, we have a launch day. These launch days are an opportunity to get a taster and feel for a project, dipping our toes in before we get really stuck in and begin to explore all the different aspects of a theme! The launch days often involve dressing up- which our teachers get very excited about! Lots of questions are generated during and following these days as our curiosity builds with each activity, these questions help our teachers shape our learning journey.

Projects are planned out in advance using curriculum maestro, ensuring that coverage is in place and that progression of skills from year group to year group are built in. Curriculum maestro provides a framework for class teachers. Class teachers are free to write their own lessons or adapt the maestro resources provided they still fulfil the programme of study that has been mapped for their year group. Nursery and FS2 do not use the curriculum maestro framework at this stage.


The children learn subject-specific skills and knowledge throughout each topic.  For all subjects, a clear and sequential skills progression map has been mapped in Maestro from Y1 – Year 6 so that skills are being embedded and enhanced throughout the key stages. 




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