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Relevant, Engaging, Authentic, Learning

St Petroc’s Curriculum Statement



At St Petroc’s, learning is underpinned by a joy-filled and aspirational curriculum enabling us to care, share and grow together. All members of our school seek to grow compassion for ourselves and others, develop our critical thinking skills and foster a joy and love for learning. We believe that a curriculum which has a strong foundation in promoting emotional resilience, self-regulation, tolerance and openness surrounding mental health is the key to raising aspirations and will enable children to be satisfied and happy adults in our ever changing and challenging society.


We are proud to be a Trauma Informed School and use motional assessments alongside Jigsaw to underpin and navigate our PSHE provision. As educators we understand that relationships are key and we strive to model this during teaching and non-teaching moments, which we believe are equally as important in promoting key principles of our curriculum design. As a community, we aim for our children to leave year 6 with strong communication skills and the self-confidence to use and adapt these skills as appropriate, being able to successfully identify and articulate their needs.


We are in the process of developing a curriculum which promotes diversity, challenge, risk taking and patience, giving children the tools to explore, investigate and deepen their understanding across a range of subjects. Knowledge and skills are progressive and build upon previous learning, adapted to the needs of where our children currently are and where they are going. We use Power Maths, Talk 4 Writing and Curriculum Maestro as our starting points to ensure breadth, progression and coverage and are building upon this strong foundation so that the learning is tailored to the needs of our children and delivered in a way that is challenging and engaging.


As a school community, we immerse ourselves in Relevant, Engaging, Authentic Learning projects which start with a launch day to hook us in. Launch days are an opportunity to get a taster and feel for a project, dipping our toes in before we get really stuck in and begin to explore all the different aspects of a theme- we might become explorers, authors, scientists, time travellers and artists! Lots of questions are generated during and following these days as our curiosity builds with each activity, these questions help our teachers shape our learning journey. Adults and children get excited about subjects as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of our Curriculum Champions.

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