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Autumn Term 1 - It all started with a dot...

It all started with a dot…

We began by exploring the story of Vashti and learnt The Dot Song, whilst beginning to explore our big question What Is Art? We used paints to colour mix and create different shades and tones. Each week we had a different focus artist; painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and we had a go at creating art in their style.  We then looked at how we could create our own art using different mediums, paint, clay, our voices, charcoal, pencil and many others! Our classrooms had stages with props and costumes and we learnt how to read play scripts and then how to write scripts of our own.  We looked at art from around the world, whilst exploring these different countries and continents to find out what things might have influenced their style of art. In Science we explored materials that would be suitable for making art outside.  We tested different materials and mediums to see whether they were waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand the many elements. We learnt how to take photos on the Ipads and explored how to frame the perfect picture so that we could photograph our own temporary art instillations. We created art with positive meanings and messages, so that we could leave art work around the school that would brighten up people’s day and we finished our topic with a gallery in our classrooms of all of the fantastic and very different pieces of art that we had created.

The Celtic Cross