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Art and Design

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is deciding which to keep.”

Mrs Dingle is our Art Champion

Vision Statement


I am an artist. I am a creative thinker and am encouraged to express my ideas, thoughts and experiences through a range of different media and techniques. I can talk confidently about my own and my peers’ artwork, and that of other artists. I enjoy exploring and developing my ideas, and experimenting with different creative techniques. I am learning to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions using the language of art, and to use the visual elements of line, shape, colour, form, texture, space and pattern purposefully and effectively to create unique and ambitious works of art.




At St Petroc’s, we aim to provide children with a creative, inspiring art curriculum, giving them many opportunities to learn and develop key artistic skills such as drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, using found and natural materials, as well as exploring different kinds of paper and fabric. We value creative thinking, and believe this will help cultivate leaders of the future. As creative thinkers, children are curious, optimistic and imaginative. Children will learn to compare and contrast work from a variety of artists, to generate ideas using observational skills and imagination and to talk about significant figures, artworks and art movements. Children at St Petroc’s learn how art has, and continues to, play a key role in cultural heritage and identity, both locally and beyond. By creating a safe, nurturing environment, children can develop the ability to take creative risks, celebrate their successes and learn positively from mistakes. This will enable them to build resilience and perseverance that will last a lifetime.




Our Art and Design curriculum is led and overseen by a passionate art specialist. To ensure high standards of teaching and learning:

  • Children follow a programme of progressive skills from FS1 to year 6, incorporating the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Art is taught as part of a breadth of topics, allowing children to explore creatively in a variety of contexts and for a range of purposes.
  • Wherever possible, first-hand experience and stimuli are used to inspire art activities and new techniques. Techniques are consistently modelled for the children.
  • Individual sketchbooks are enjoyed as a safe place for children to collect and explore ideas and experiment with techniques and media. Sketchbooks are also a valuable tool for both staff and children to analyse and evaluate their work, celebrate their successes and identify areas for development.



Art and Design skills progression 2021

The Celtic Cross